Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Parents,
We will be focusing on the pillar of respect this week.  The children have many wonderful ideas and suggestions on the topic, culled from the examples of so many around them.  They will be learning ways to be respectful to others:
Listen harder.
  1. Listen harder. Proactive listening should be your first social skill. ...
  2. Be considerate. Once you've listened, it's time to act accordingly. ...
  3. Keep your promise. ...
  4. Be on time. ...
  5. Have manners. ...
  6. Encourage. ...
  7. Be fair. ...
  8. Go out of your way.
I trust you will have some interesting conversations at home about respect as well.  The topic of being fair is also quite lively around here.  The children are learning that what is fair is not always equal. 
It is my prayer that you have many opportunities to listen proactively this week.
May our loving God keep you in His care,
Mrs. Pam Claytor

 *****This Week in First Grade*****

Religion: We will be focusing on the pillar of Respect as we learn about the ways the apostles led and cared for the Church.  The children will discuss how they can share their love for Jesus by their example of respect.

Language Arts:  Our objectives are Reading : Phonics – decode words ending with ier, iest  Vocabulary -  recognize and understand memory words: their, now, always, because, been; understand homophones their, there, understand the meanings of pattern words; discuss fortune cookie and wishes; understand idioms  Fluency – read with expression  Comprehension – use pictures and prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; monitor comprehension and use fix-up tips; understand setting and its importance; complete sentences about a story; recall details  Writing – write messages  Spelling: spell unite memory words; encode pattern words with ier, iest; apply spelling rule for adding endings  Grammar, Usage, Mechanics: understand and form comparative and superlative adjectives  Listening and Speaking discuss looking out for others  Writing: generate ideas before writing; write about a personal wish; focus on a central idea

Math:  On Wednesday the children will be introduced to a new topic and the related vocabulary:  subtracting with 10s and 1s. We will then begin subtracting groups of 10:  Students subtract 10 from multiples of 10 in the range 10 to 90. They learn how subtracting a group of 10 from groups of ten is similar to subtracting 1 from numbers less than 10. Subtracting 10s on a hundred chart is Friday’s focus: Students use a hundred chart to subtract multiples of 10 from two-digit numbers. They learn that when subtracting tens from a two-digit number, only the tens digit changes.

Science:  We will review what animals need and begin to compare the needs of plants as living things.  The children will choose from 3 activities to show what they have learned: create a venn diagram to compare animal characteristics of a herbivore and a carnivore; write a note to explain how to care for an animal to describe how you meet its needs; or write about and draw an animal that eats only plants.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dear Parents,

Valentine’s Day is a joyful day in first grade.  The children joyfully share their messages of love with their family and friends.  Through your loving example they strive to let others know how much they mean to them, especially when they are able to settle a disagreement and move on either by offering or receiving forgiveness.

Speaking of sharing, Mrs. Ball has been joyfully tweeting pictures of the many ways, both great and small, the children celebrate their learning each day here at SAS.  Recently the first graders shared their favorite story from the Superkids book Adventures of the Superkids with the preK 4 class.  Thanks to you listening to your child practice, both our confident first graders and eager preK class had a joyful sharing experience.

My husband and I will joyfully celebrate a special birthday with our son, Jesse, on Valentine’s Day.  We have the gift from God of a talented, loving son, who is himself the father of our grandson, Ryan. 

I pray that you will also have many joyous family occasions this week!  Happy Valentine’s Day!
Mrs. Pam Claytor
 *****  This Week in First Grade  *****

Religion The children will continue to develop ideas that are key to growing as disciples of Jesus.  They will learn that the Holy Spirit is instrumental to our ability to share the good news that Jesus shared with others.  They will be introduced to St. Valentine, again focusing on the gifts the saints shared that we, too, have and are called to share with others.

Language Arts  READING: Vocabulary - Recognize and understand memory words down, too, work, many, first;  Discuss and categorize words related to rainy and sunny; Understand adjectives related to weather; Recognize and understand Memory Words their, now, always, because, been; Understand homophones their, there; Understand the meanings of Pattern Words    Comprehension: Recall details (project directions); Associate project titles with pictures; Associate sentences with pictures ; Follow written directions; Associate words with pictures    WRITING Generate ideas before writing; Write directions; Write a list of things to do ; Write messages   SPELLING  Spell Memory Words down, too, work, many, first; Apply spelling rules for adding endings; Encode Pattern Words with y and ay; Apply spelling rule for adding -er, -est endings to words with final y ; Spell Unit 2 Memory Words; Encode Pattern Words with ier and iest;  Apply spelling rule for adding endings  LISTENING AND SPEAKING   Listen for details in a song;  Listen and respond to oral presentations  Phonics -Associate ai and ay with /ā/; Decode words with ay/ā/ and y/ī/, /ē/;  Decode words that end with y, ier, iest; Associate i with /ē/ in words ending in ier and iest   GRAMMAR, USAGE, AND MECHANICS  Understand and form adjectives with the ending –y;  Understand and use comparative and superlative adjectives;  Understand and use comparative and superlative adjectives   RESEARCH AND STUDY SKILLS  Follow written directions 
NOTE: the spelling test is scheduled for Thursday, the 16th.

Math  The children will continue to work on adding 10s.  Using mental math to add tens: Students add numbers mentally. They learn that techniques for doing addition calculations mentally involve changing the numbers or the expression so the calculation is easy to do mentally. Adding to a 2 digit number: Students add one-digit numbers to two-digit numbers with and without regrouping and record the sum in horizontal form. They learn that the traditional algorithm for adding a two-digit number and a one-digit number starts by adding ones. They learn that sometimes 10 ones need to be renamed as 1 ten, and then the tens are added.  Problem solving-  draw a picture and write a number sentence: Students solve problems by drawing pictures and writing number sentences. They learn how information in a problem can often be shown using a picture or diagram and used to understand and solve the problem. They also learn that some problems can be solved by writing and completing a number sentence or equation.

Science: We will discuss and understand that young animals share similar characteristics, and are very much, but not exactly like, their parents. We will also explore the variation of traits that animals have: Individuals of the same kind of animal are recognizable as similar but can also vary in many ways.

Social Studies The children will understand that there are many ways people celebrate a holiday through customs and traditions; they will participate in a Valentine’s Day celebration provided by their parents <3   We will also discuss the American holiday of President’s Day, learning more about George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Dear Parents,

It is going to be hard to live up to all of the excitement we had during Catholic Schools Week.  The children and I are grateful for all of the parent participation; it was extra special to have you join us for our math lesson on Friday morning!

We will achieve the 100th day of school milestone this week, with a quiet classroom recognition of our ever shortening first grade year.  There will be two mid-year evaluations to make sure we are on the right track as well.  The warmer than usual winter and future outlook brings hopeful optimism that we will continue to enjoy routine days.  It is so nice to be able to focus on progress, rather than interrupted as we build momentum.  

First Grade was recently gifted an icon of St. John Bosco from Father John Williamson.  To help the children learn more about their saint, I will be sharing the life story of St. John Bosco in the classroom this week.  You may find the website link, St. John Bosco a useful resource for family conversation. 

Finally, the Character Counts! / PBIS focus for the month of February is RESPECT.  We will be discussing the golden rule as the center of respect.  I hope you will find many opportunities to share and discuss the meaning of respect at home as well.

May you have a TRRFCC* week!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

*TRRFCC is the acronym for the pillars of Character Counts!/PBIS: T – trustworthy, R- responsible, R-respect, F-fairness, C- caring, C- citizenship

 *****This Week in First Grade*****

Religion  We will learn about St. John Bosco and his dedication to teaching poor children in Italy.  We will also be focusing on the early church and the ways the Holy Spirit guided the first Christians.  The children will make connections to the deeds of the first Christians to the ways they can also promote good works as a part of their faith.

Language Arts  Phonemic Awareness Identify final /ī/ and /ē/    Phonics  Recognize when y is a vowel, Associate y with /ī/ and /ē/ .  Distinguish between y/ī/ and y/ē/.    Decode words with y/ī/ and y/ē/ .  Associate ay with /ā/.   Associate words with pictures . Phonemic Awareness   Identify final /ā/ .  Associate ay with /ā/ .     Decode words with ay .    Vocabulary  Recognize and understand memory words down, too, work, many, first.    Understand the meanings of pattern words with y and ay.  Recognize story words boots, paper, scissors.  Discuss the meaning of “in case of rain”.    SPELLING   Spell Memory Words down, too, work, many, first.  Encode Pattern Words with y and ay.  LISTENING AND SPEAKING   Follow oral directions .  Listen for details in a song.    Comprehension  Complete sentences about a story.  Recognize text structure.  Sequence steps.  Fluency   Read at an appropriate rate.  LISTENING AND SPEAKING   Discuss making good use of time.  RESEARCH AND STUDY SKILLS  Identify steps in directions .
**  I will be conducting a mid-year evaluation on Monday and Tuesday morning, as well as introducing a new unit in language arts.  A new spelling list will come home mid-week, if all goes as planned.

Math The children will demonstrate their understanding of topic 9 on Monday before the introduction of topic 10 adding with tens and ones on Tuesday.  We begin work with  adding groups of 10:  Students add two multiples of 10 for sums to 100. They learn how adding groups of 10 is similar to adding numbers less than 10.  Next up is adding tens on a hundred chart: Students use a hundred chart to add multiples of 10 to two-digit numbers. They learn that when adding tens to a two-digit number, only the tens digit changes.  Finally the children will be adding tens to 2 digit numbers: Students add a multiple of 10 to a two-digit number. They learn that when adding tens to a two-digit number, only the tens digit changes

Science The children will be working on Information Processing as it relates to animals: Animals have body parts that capture and convey different kinds of information needed for growth and survival. Animals respond to these inputs with behaviors that help them survive.  They will also complete a maker’s space project that demonstrates their understanding of what an animal needs in class, which they will explain to their classmates.

Social Studies  The children will develop an understanding of how rules are made and kept; learn about Abe Lincoln and George Washington; they will describe the characteristics that make a president effective.