Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to have you, as well as other guests, join us for our performance this Thursday.  The directors (Ms. Mackay and myself) have done our best to make sure the children are front and center at various times throughout the play.  To help you be located closest to the first grade, you should try to sit on the left side of the hall, facing the stage.  The children will be on this half of the stage the majority of the performance.

As you can imagine, the children are enjoying the opportunity to use many of the skills they have acquired during their school year while performing in our play.  The rehearsals take up a great deal of instructional time; as a result, the lessons are abbreviated this week.

This will be my last official blog note for this school year.  It has truly been a blessing to you so much for your support and prayers!

My prayers this week will join with yours, as I pray for your children and their family!

May God bless all of you,
Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade ******************************
We will complete our work on the family life unit in Religion, learning about God’s gift of life, love, and community.

The main focus in language arts is on our performance; the children will also spend time on learning to decode v Soft c/s/ and g/j/ as well as “trickers” with tag-along e

We will be working on the introduction of second grade math concepts this week as well: Counting hundreds, tens and ones, and reading and writing numbers to 1000.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Parents,

I can’t thank you enough for joining us for our annual Race for Education this past Friday.  It was a huge success, as far as the children were concerned, with one child proclaiming it the “best day ever!”.

We will begin rehearsing for our play this week.  Thank you for assisting your children with memorizing their parts.  We had an opportunity to share our progress with each other last week and it was quite obvious how hard the children are working on be the best actors they can be.  With our costumes almost complete, it is time to make our invitations and share the excitement at school and at home! 

I truly appreciate all of the support you have given the children to enable this to be their best school year yet!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade *************

Religion  We will continue to learn of God’s love for us and our families as we work on the Family Life unit.  The topics this week include: 1 discovering that God gives us gift of a loving heart that we can use in acts of love for our family, our friends and ourselves 2 Explaining that we can control how we act on our feelings  3  understanding that learning is an important part of growing and God gives us many things to help us learn and 4 learning the importance of caring for the body.
Language Arts  We will be learning the various components of acting in a play as well as: Phonemic Awareness  Identify /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/  Phonics  Associate oo with /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/  decode words with oo Vocabulary -Understand the meanings of barefoot, crook, and pocketbook  Understand the meanings of Pattern Words Recognize and understand Memory Words live (/liv/), eight, old, hold, write Understand homographs and homophones  Comprehension  Associate words with pictures; Distinguish between reality and fantasy Spelling  Sort words by their sound-spelling patterns for /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/  Listening and Speaking  Listen for details in a CD story
Math  We will work on fractions at the beginning of the week: Making halves and 4ths of rectangles and circles -Students identify halves and fourths of circles and rectangles. They learn that shapes can be divided into equal parts called halves and quarters or fourths.  Problem Solving: draw a picture -Students draw pictures to solve problems related to parts of a whole. They learn how information in a problem can often be shown using a picture or diagram and used to understand and solve the problem.  The later part of the week will bring a preview of second grade math as we work on the final topic: Moving up to Second Grade
Science  The children will be exploring the properties of matter, while defining what matter is.  We will begin with an informal discussion to determine the understandings the children already have and what they would like to learn about matter.
Social Studies  We will continue our discussion on citizenship, combining the understandings of democracy with the history of how the United States came to be a democratic society.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear Parents,

There is a great deal of excitement in the air this week.  With our annual field day scheduled for Monday morning (and designing/making “costumes” for the play in the afternoon), our week begins with lots of enthusiasm.  Of course the week ends with the Race for Education on Friday morning, as well as an early dismissal at 12:25.  In between, there will be many, many more lessons, as we work on completing the curriculum of first grade.  I have recently announced the end of formal homework to the children, who, of course, found this information “cheer-worthy”!  I will also emphasize the need to practice their play assignments, read on a daily basis, and continue to practice math facts to develop automaticity.

Something to think about during your Prayer time this week: We are called to be disciples for the church and to each other.  As in the readings: the stone which the builder rejected has become the cornerstone. God loves us, as both sinners and followers.  This is a great message to help our children understand that we all make mistakes and with asking for forgiveness, we will receive God’s blessings. 

We are also beginning our unit on Family Life in Religion.  This is an archdiocesan wide program; however each school chooses the timing of the lessons.  The first grade curriculum focuses on the love of God and how our families love each other.  This will be a review of sorts, as we have covered a majority of the material during our religion lessons this year.  I hope you’ve had a chance to read the pamphlet explaining the lessons that was sent home on Friday.  Once you have finished, please return the pamphlet to school.  Thanks for your help!

May the joy of the Easter season continue to permeate your daily prayer life.


Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion  We will be making connections between God’s love for  us and the love we share in our families. We begin with discussing what families do for each other and how families should act toward each other.  We will also be working on understanding our uniqueness and the talents we have as a gift from God.

Language Arts  Phonemic Awareness - Identify /ou/  Phonics:  Associate ou and ow with /ou/  Decode words with ou, ow/ou/  Identify rhyming words  Vocabulary:  Recognize and understand Memory Words warm, walk, give, once, done;  Understand the meanings of Pattern Words; Understand homographs; Recognize story words house, Ms.; Recognize and understand synonyms;  Comprehension: Associate words and phrases with pictures ; Use pictures and prior knowledge; Complete sentences about a story; Identify lesson(s) that a story teaches; Categorize words; Recognize words walk, warm, give, once, done  SPELLING: Encode rhyming words with ou and ow; Spell Memory Words walk, warm, give, once, done  WRITING: Plan the setting for a story as part of the writing process; Discuss music lessons; Plan characters, a problem, and a solution for a story as part of the writing process    Fluency - Read with appropriate stress 

Math We will review the concepts of the topic of geometry before moving onto fractions.  The topic opener focuses on the fractions we use in preparing and serving food – an ideal place for discussion to take place at home as well.  The first lesson will be on making equal parts : Students determine whether a shape is divided into equal or unequal parts. They learn that a region can be divided into equal-sized parts in different ways. They also learn that equal-sized parts of a region have the same area but not necessarily the same shape.

Science We will go back to the beginning of our lessons to review what a scientist does: makes inquiries, then tests a theory. The children will recognize that a situation that people want to change or create can be approached as a problem to be solved through engineering.

Social Studies We will be discussing how the ideas of the founders of the United States led to our independence as a nation, and the connection of our independence day celebration, the 4th of July.