Sunday, August 28, 2016

Super Star First Graders

Dear Parents and Students,

It is so nice to finally start our first grade year after all of the preparation!  I am excited to share classroom news with you each week in this blogspot.  I will also include an overview of the topics and skills we will be working on with this weekly letter below the heading  This Week in First Grade.

I truly appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of you at the welcome evening!  The information you shared about your children will help me to get a head start on learning about their wonderful individuality.
Our first week of school will find us getting to know each other, sharing our summer experiences, and learning how to be official first graders.  We will discuss ways to help each other be the best learners possible.  The first lessons will offer our new first graders the opportunity to share all that they learned in kindergarten as we review basic skills before adding new ones.

The HSA has planned a special St. Augustine Feast Day celebration for the children, to be held on Friday, September 2nd.  We will attend mass as a school community before enjoying a variety of special activities. I believe more information will be coming sometime this week.

May God, with His infinite love, bless each of you this week!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion:  We begin our lessons with the beginning creation story in the bible.  The children will share their ideas of how to be responsible (also our Character Counts! focus for August and September) stewards of God’s creation.

Language Arts:  The children will share the skills they learned in kindergarten, as well as stories about the Superkids as we begin to build on them, adding depth of understanding and learning new ways to use these skills.  They will be building stamina in both language arts and math, by sticking with challenges until they have developed a skill set.  Our stamina focus this week is on reading to self, which requires picking out a “just right” book to read at each child’s level and reading it for comprehension.

Math:  We’ll be working on numbers this week! Writing them, naming them, demonstrating one-to-one correspondence – all in preparation for our first unit: Understanding Addition.

Science and Social Studies:  The children will be challenged to define what the words science and social studies mean. They will share their understanding of a scientist’s work, as well as the work of a historian.  Working as a team, the children will practice “think, pair, share” while writing rules that help us to be safe, successful learners.

Friday, July 29, 2016

          First Grade Super Stars Reach for the Stars!

Dear First Grade Friends and Parents,

     Welcome to First Grade!  We'll be starting our journey together very soon.  I am excited to bring the Superkids' fun adventures to you as we work on reading together.  We'll also enjoy the exciting challenges of first grade math, science, and social studies this year.  My favorite to share is Religion because we are blessed to learn about the Holy Family, Saints, and God's love!

     We will start school on Monday, August 29th.   I'll be preparing your classroom in the coming weeks and I know you'll be enjoying the wonderful outdoors during the last weeks of summer vacation. Have a great time!

     I am also excited that I will be able to meet with all of the first grade parents at our welcome evening, August 25th, at 5:30.  It would be very helpful if you could bring your child's school supplies with you when you come to school for this special information session! Please note that you do only need to label the folders, glue sticks, erasers, and scissors, and all clothing of course. I will be having a community set of other supplies this year.

 I can’t wait to see all of my Super Star First Graders!


Mrs. Pam Claytor